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3d studio max, 80s, abuse, adoption, alchemy, american history x, anal, apathy, avatar: the last airbender, bad boys, bears, being me, black label society, blade runner, boats, broken hearts, burlesque, canoeing, catch-22, cloud, collective soul, common, composing, conan o'brien, coraline, crosswords, curly hair, dali, dark ambient, darth vader, dbsk, debating, default, dire straits, dj, dykes, eating disorders, ed gein, edward cullen, egypt, electric guitar, entourage, escapism, evanesence, every time i die, fear, filter, forgiveness, free speech, gameboy, ghost world, good movies, halo, hamsters, heat, high fidelity, homeschooling, house music, houston, idealism, in flames, instruments, israel, j.d. salinger, jay and silent bob, jennifer aniston, jrr tolkien, kabbalah, kamenashi kazuya, king crimson, kirjoittaminen, kitsch, kyou kara maou, led zepplin, leverage, loneliness, luna lovegood, marauders, marriage, mcdonalds, mischa barton, motocross, motorhead, needles, new jersey, order of the phoenix, padfoot, panic at the disco, pc games, pennsylvania, performing arts, pokémon, power, pro ana, ravens, red wine, refused, reincarnation, rps, satire, sephora, shooting stars, short hair, silent hill, simon pegg, snl, snorkeling, soup, spice girls, swing dancing, sydney, talking online, tap, the bronx, the dark, the donnas, the dresden dolls, the future, the last unicorn, the supernatural, the vandals, the zoo, thoughts, throwdown, tolerance, uniqueness, vollyball, washington, whipped cream, winnie the pooh, wonder girls, zero 7, zoology, Властелин Колец, Доктор Хаус, Достоевский, авторское кино, архитектура, жж, плавать, правда, сарказм, современное искусство, умные люди

Social capital

  • less than 10